Intricacy In Combat

The game has some intricate mechanics. These mechanics are all battle related.


  1. Active Time Battle: A character’s gauge fills and when it is full that character can act.
  2. Transformations: A character can transform into a completely different being. Wolves, Lions, Dragons, and the such.
  3. The Spirit Link State: A target hit who has spirit link spreads the damage evenly amongst all allies with the status.
  4. Reflecting States: Certain States can reflect specific spells.
  5. Random: Skills and Effects that say they’re random…..are actually random. It’s hard to explain why this matters but it’s important to note.
  6. Guard: Whenever a character is defending some skills can penetrate their defenses. Otherwise Guard lowers damage taken by a percentage.
  7. Gear And Skills: Other than raising base statistics some gear can directly raise the damage of specific skills. The skills are listed in the description box and on this site.
  8. Ascended Skills: Some skills ascend into more powerful versions of themselves after triggered. Triggers could be anything. Books in libraries throughout the game hint at some triggers.
  9. Shields: Shields now grant a passive block chance, a percentage of the damage is blocked, a flat blocked amount of damage, and critical block chance.
  10. Field State: The many dimensions of Threads of Life: Geth have many hazards. One of those hazards is the environment.
  11. Barriers: Some classes have the ability to create HP Shields. These shields prevent damage from hitting the protected character’s health total.
  12. Confusion: Not all forms of Confusion are the same. Example: Insanity allows a user to attack themselves while Paranoia allows them to attack everyone but themselves.
  13. Thorns: Some states allow the user to reflect some physical damage and some forms of these types of spells let a character react with a chosen spell when hit.
  14. Permanent States: Some states are permanently on characters while they are alive. Example: Trifle, for instance, constantly has a form of Health Regeneration.
  15. State Damage On Hit: Some states allow allow damage on hit from spells that proc the state’s damage.
  16. Ability Points: Ability Points allow abilities that use this resource to be more powerful.
  17. Death’s Effigies: These are items that prevent instant death effects while in the inventory then the items are destroyed.
  18. Soul’s Ward: Many abilities in-game are preventative. Damage that would reduce the target’s health by below 25% in one hit only reduces it by 25%.
  19. Elemental States: Elemental spells can counteract states of the opposite element.
  20. Stance Dancing: Whenever a character uses an ability they can enter a stance gaining dramatic bonuses but allowing only certain moves to be used. Leaving that state has different effects.
  21. State Casters: Some spells target the casters of states. Backfiring spells are rare but always powerful.
  22. Cover: Characters with the “Cover” effect on them will protect allies with lower health. The lower the target’s health the higher chance they’re covered.
  23. Damage Over Time States: These statuses deal damage every turn to the afflicted.
  24. Time Bomb States: Some states deal damage after their duration runs out.
  25. Reflect: States that grant reflect allow the user to reflect both physical and magical attacks and spells.
  26. Stacking States: Some states have stacking effects.
  27. Empowered States: These states are hard to remove. Sometimes they can take upwards of 4 removal abilities or items used on them to remove the effect.
  28. Lifestealing States: These states allow the afflicted to steal health from their targets.
  29. Mana Shield: While having a Mana Shield the buffed character takes damage from the Mana Shield before their health.
  30. Guts: Some gear in Threads of Life: Geth grants a hidden parameter known as Guts. Guts allows a character who is incapacitated in battle to be instantly revived.
  31. Recoil Damage: Some damaging abilities and spells deal damage to the user based on the damage dealt and sometimes other circumstances.
  32. Poisoned Abilities: Abilities used while poisoned deal damage to the user based on the Mana Cost and, potentially, some other costs.
  33. Pain Share: Enemies in Threads of Life: Geth have some unqiue abilities. Some can force the player’s characters to take damage whenever they do.
  34. Upkeep Skills: Some spells and abilities require costs every turn to keep the character going. Usually MP.
  35. AP Charge: The higher the AP the higher the damage on the target.
  36. Blue Magic: A select few in the world have learned Blue Magic. Some Blue Mages learn by every sense.
  37. Elemental Absorption: Some spells are absorbed by the state.