Classes are an important part of the game. Each character starts with a class. Most characters will have the chance to prestige into a higher class. Some characters have their own class and cannot

prestige into another class. Some prestige options are based on choices made throughout the game.


What does a class do for the character?

  • Adds higher base statistics to a character.
  • Offers an array of abilities for the character.
  • Decides which future class the character may have as an option.
  • Determines what weapons and equipment the character can use.

Some characters can use certain weapons and equipment that their class can’t normally use.

How many classes are there?

There are 67 classes in Threads of Life: Geth at the moment.

How many classes does a character have to choose from?

Each character that starts as a Base Class: Sneak, Fighter, Deacon, Savage, Sidai, Magi, and Keeper.

Base classes have two options for class advancement. Sidai has Sisuk and Sifu. From these two option there are two more options. For instance, Sisuk becomes Sisuk Gong or Wu Sau. Each prestige option allows the character to advance a certain part of their base form that the player wishes to improve.

Can I see what I will be getting before choosing a class?

Yes! Characters can choose their class upgrades at appropriate areas to their class. Sidai find their advancement at a monk temple when they reach a necessary level. Whenever a player seeks advancement for a character they speak to the leader of the appropriate area. That leader offers them their options while telling them what their advancement entails. Then the player is informed of future advancement options that come with that option. Sisukgong and Wu Sau would be spoke of long before making the choice to become either class. They would be mentioned when the player chooses one of the first two options of Sisuk and Sifu. The player will also be informed again whenever they are attempting to advance to their last tiered class.

Any other questions? If so just message me and I’ll put ’em on here with answers! (Reasonable questions only.)

Now for the actual classes!


Fighter: Decent tank abilities. Cleave. Armor and Weapon breaks.

  • Guardian: Beginning of defender classes. High Target Rate. Moderate Health Regeneration. Abilities that lower damage.
  • Knight: Beginning of Knight classeses. Moderate physical attacks.
  • Defender: Full on tank. High Target Rate. Health regeneration.
  • Warden: No shield using high target rate. Known for using light Keeper magic.
  • Templar: Moderate Target Rate. Solid Single Target Heals.
  • Knight Errant: Wanderer. Party buffs. Elemental Spells. Low Target Rate. Light AOE Heals.

Savage: Rage and Strength. Not much for defense.

  • Mauler: High damage dealer. Consistent damage with decent defense.
  • Warspeaker: Grants buffs to the party as well as some crowd control for enemies. Light healing.
  • Lacerator: A large threat for longer battles. Weakens the opponent in multiple ways.
  • Blood Drinker: Deals more damage the lower health they have. Abilities cost life.
  • Banneret: Buffs the party. High “Cover” rate.
  • War Drummer: A war speaker. Buffs one target’s statistics by a large amount.

Sneak: High single target damage and debuffs. Evasive abilities and high agility.

  • Marksman: An archer class that specializes in single target damage.
  • Accuracy and States: This class has high accuracy and focuses on status effects.
  • Agility and Resists: High agility and resistances. The runner.
  • Melee: Highly evasive and highly deadly.
  • Accuracy and Agility: Highly accurate, highly evasive, and equally consistent damage.
  • Critical and States: Critical strikes with devastating status effects.

Sidai: A simple class that focuses on consistency and discipline.

  • Sisuk: Meditative class. Passive self-buffs.
  • Sisukgong: Many strikes and large amounts of damage.
  • Wu Sau: Defensive class. Uses shields and avoids resistances when dealing high direct damage. Mana intensive.
  • Sifu: Three stances. Bear stance, Crane stance, and Turtle stance. A class focused on switching stances.
  • Sigong: A steady hand allows for a disciplined strike. Strong debuffs.
  • Bong Sau: When to strike matters. A strong Wind buffed class. Focuses on Crane Stance.

Magi: A basic Magi learns Fire, Thunder, and Ice.

  • Archmagi: Stronger magic with AOE.
  • Bio Magi: Spot specific magic and moderate spells otherwise. Salen
  • Blue Magi: A rare class that learns abilities from enemies.
  • Dark Magi: Strong Dark Magic and AOE.
  • Mind Magi: Precognition class. Mana affecting spells.
  • Red Magi: Light side of Dark Magic. Buffs and Debuffs.
  • Underminer: Strong debuffs and counteractive magic.
  • Prophet: A Mind Magi’s ascended class. A summoning class.
  • Spirit Caller: 
  • Mystic: Extremely powerful Dark Magic from various elements.
  • Sorcerer: Dark Magic that focuses on Fire, Chaos, and Darkness magic.
  • Seer: A spell caster that focuses on non-elemental damage. Astronomy spells.

Keeper: A light healing class that focuses on removing debuffs and light spells.

  • Ranger: A ranged attacker. Pierces enemy defenses.
  • Druid: A healer, summoner, and moderate damage dealer.
  • Shaman: A healer with strong elemental spells and buffs.
  • Archdruid: A powerful healer, summoner, and damage dealer.
  • Duelist: A blade master. Powerful debuffs with moderate to high damage.
  • Longbow: A ranged attacker with moderate damaging AOE.

Deacon: Healer magic to start.

  • Priest: Heavy buff magic.
  • Archpriest: Strongest healing AOE.
  • Heirophant: Strong healing AOE. Light buffs.
  • Bishop: Heavy buff magic.
  • Archbishop: Strongest AOE buffs.
  • Cardinal: Very potent single target healing with light buffs.
  • Saint: High health. Uses life as a resource. Extremely potent spells of every kind. Mana Shield.
  • Pope: Very potent AOE spells.
  • Cleric: Light healing, status effect clearing, and buffs.

The following classes are character specific so I will mention their name and then link to the only character that’s known to have that class.

  • Reveler: This class uses bows, drinking, and agility to make a strongly solid fighting class. Keph
  • Trifler: This class uses some thrown items, provides high base statistics, and Triflers are good at hand-to-hand combat. Trifle
  • Pearl Disciple: A class that’s based on complete defense with consistent damage. Caromatti
  • Samurai Chef: An unusual class that deals damage using a mixture of ingredients. Chinoise
  • Sovereign: This class uses elemental changes to weapons and Sonic spells. Shemp
  • Shop Keeper: A common class. Shop Keepers gain some moderate base stats and some very basic combat moves. Pasha


  • Paladin: A potent healer. High single target damage. Strong defenses from equipment.
  • Dreadnaught: High damage abilities. High health. Strong defenses from equipment.