Name: Salen




Rose Thicket: Deals high Earth damage to all enemies. May cause the enemies to Bleed. May critically hit.

Deep Freeze: Target enemy takes Ice Damage and may be Frozen in place. Frozen enemies are weak to Fire.

Marsh Fever: All enemies are dealt Poison damage, have their magic resistance lowered, and may be Poisoned.

Arc of Chaos: Deals Chaos damage and may cause many negative status effects on the targets.

Pure Fire: Deals high Fire damage to a single target. Will Burn the target.

Pure Ice: Deals high Ice damage to a single target. Will Freeze the target.

Pure Earth: Deals high Earth damage to a single target. Will Stun the target.

Pure Thunder: Deals high Thunder damage to a single target. Will Paralyze the target.

Pure Sonic: Deals high Sonic damage to a single target. Target will be Stunned. May critical.

Pure Wind: Deals high Wind damage to a single target. Will Weigh Down the target.

Stretch Time: Stretches Time lowering the Cooldown of all of the user’s spells.

Fiery Sands: This ability deals high Fire damage to all enemies then it Blinds them. May also Burn them.

Mud Transmutation: Converts the dirt in the area to mud. Deals Earth damage and lowers the target’s agility.

Hydro Wave: Water rushes into all enemies dealing massive Water damage.